The Grand Machination

by Construct of Lethe

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released October 7, 2016

David Schmidt - Vocals
Tony Petrocelly - Guitar, and Bass
Patrick Bonvin - Lead Guitar
Kevin Talley - Drums

Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Tony Petrocelly
at Trepan Studios, Woodbridge Virginia, June 2016
Vocals recorded at Hanger 12 Studio, Mountlake Terrace, Washington
Lead guitar recorded at NDC Studio, Sion, Switzerland

Cover Art by Paul Gerrard
Pencil, pen and ink Illustrations and layout by Tony Petrocelly

All songs published by Corpsegod Music (ASCAP) ©2016
Lyrics ©David Schmidt 2016



all rights reserved


Construct of Lethe Woodbridge, Virginia

Construct of Lethe is an international musical collective representing both the simultaneous culmination and dissolution of numerous bands and projects. It envelopes the past creativity and talent of Against the Gods, Bethledeign, Xaoc, Dead Syndicate and Pain Tank, culling and updating the best material, all the while charging ever forward with new original material. ... more

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Track Name: Lux in Tenebris
Embrace me Thanatos that I might fall
Seduce me Hypnos that I might lap the silver waters and forget
But lo, at his heel bone I stood shackled and forced to witness
My glass eyes were held open by another's will

Had I the faculty to shatter my vision!

And I behold a pale man, and the name by which he called himself was Father...Hell followed with him

And he gave power unto himself over the expanse of nothingness before a crystal throne casting forth the hand emblazoned 'Solve' spewed all manners of tribulations whereas from the hand emblazoned 'Coagula' flowed ecclesiastical vexations

Streams of spheres ablaze rent the formless firmament, for his vainful pleasure
I dared loose my tongue against such lurid extravagencies, and I would not serve
I fell and I rose like a star, like a sun
I slipped into a shade-less plane of nonexistence
Bright arms radiating about my core, collapsing and yet bursting forth
Depthless chasms of lucid dreams
Stalactites of scabs are the clotted veins, like slowly curing wax

Let flood waters of Acheron bury the flesh on Ararat
As feathers fell away the vestments of ivory warped into obsidian
As the halo of gold melted away, the hood removed revealed horns of ibex
Cast aside to form Saturn's rings
Track Name: Ascendit Ex Inferos
My scars are symbols, lashes formed sigils, I have become
The dread abomination that spawned four lecherous cruelties within a whirlwind
Hear uttered a child's creation upon festering incantations carried with miasmic breath
Logic castration, a eunuch of natural order

Blistered flesh as a scroll unwound before me, I saw and read the names Qemetial, Belial, Othiel
Draconian aeon writhes formless, birth pains pierce nebulous womb
Amniotic bile flows as mercury, transcribe the riddle of constellations
A vintage of frothed rouge disease drips from a gorgon's maw

Impaled are those who come against, and they shall break and fall to the soil

Plucked as the eyes of Gestas, flung unward into moil
Behold the world lies prostrate, genuflect
As it prepares to coronate death to reign from the throne of wounds
Let me be the catafalque of christ, another skull upon the goat throne
Track Name: Apotheosis Calvarium
Jackals teeth jut from a child's jaw, rending the suckling teet
From the manger he treads the Via Dolorosa unknowingly, each step closer to Golgotha

Seek out a name which is not found in all the letters, signs or sigils
An unspeakable sound which plagues the mind and besieges the soul

In him lies the redundancy of hell, pale horse incarnate, in him is the vast funeral of man

I went about seeking and beheld the Mashiac...
Thy speech is as a swarm of flies that presbyters to a world that is hell enough
Blessed oscularum infame dethrones the man of sorrows
His flock, lo, would unfetter a murderer in the stead of a scourged bastard
Lashed then lashed to the stauros, fixed by the nails through capitate and lunate
Use of hypopodium...Aufbinden...Shackled and suspended

E'li, E'li, la'ma Sabachthani?

Ridicule within the Aedicule, iconostasis separates
Tears of the mother - Lo Spasimo (Woman, behold your son)

Cracked lips so parched from delusions (I thirst)
As titans swallow the Omphalos (It is finished)
Track Name: Expandentes Putrescat
A vain clergy profoundly indignant of their inherit falsehood
Vomit atrocities from the great defiler

A most lamentable configuration, lusting fingers trace spheres to open the All Gifted's box

A realm of shades is the abattoir beneath your narthex

Transubstantiate this ossuary – give rise to pale mysteries, those that lurk within the candelabrum
Skeletal chandeliers suspended from his lofty grace where the wick lies snuffed
Malicious triptych conceals decapitations in the transept, transcend your decrepitude
Frocked in vestments of apocalypse
Track Name: Bibere Venenum In Auro
Aghast, I depart the pestilence of creation, breathless dream void
Leave them to teach the gospel of soul suicide and the anathema of Zos

“Breed consciousness in the charnel house of putrefaction”
Conjure the seven wicked storm demons who darken the moon
Do not suffer to endure the light, yet cause the shroud of night to be as cannibal

Sister consumes the flesh of brother
Hideous concubation
Inverted holy self-nullification, Be'er Shachat
Rise up Bar Kokhba replace the gouged city with Aelia Capitolina
For thine is truly the falseness, and the anti-kleos, forever

Terror mechanism
Souls caught as grist in the mill of salvation
Track Name: The Grand Machination
Return once more to a void resplendent
Silent choirs emanate through fissures in shattered time

Such a vast deception I shall never witness again
Sequenti die aurora apparente,
Altis Vocibus Baphometh Invocaverunt

As the next day dawned, they called loudly upon Baphometh

Trisagion invocate barabaric infliction
Seraph connotate serpent or Akero
Apotheosis transfixion, repulsive hekhal resounding
Self immolation decreed for those so far from Atziluth
I dissolve and fall away like rain against the chapel glass